Vodafone Flagshipstore

Vodafone opened the first German flagshipstore in Cologne. Together with Argonauten G2 from Düsseldorf we created two interactive installations.

Color Morphology We had to shoot hand colored fruits for a small installation project. Very impressive how the changed colors are confusing our viewing habits.

We created a demonstration and Proof-of-Concept of how smoothly WebGL and HaXe combines to a nice Web-Experience by shading and composing the famous Strange-Attractor.

Karlo Jurina - "Selbstgespräche"

Karlo Jurina, a musician from Cologne and friend, worked on his debut album. When presenting us his first previews, we were that impressed that we decided to create a visual interpretation of the album.

Adlon Holding Website

Together with Powerflasher we created the new online appearance for the Berlin based Adlon Holding. We were responsible for the design part.

Alongside project Anno Badges

We stumbled across old magazines from the 50s & 60s in a dusty attic. Have a look at the results.


Since our formation we try to realize a passion project at the year end. 2012 year Schau! is born. A series of interactive shop window installations.

Awesome Poster Series

Alongside project by André. Type mixed with graphic and old etching visuals.